Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Why do you need an access control system? Whether enterprise users or home users, protecting privacy is a topic that has to be raised. What can the best access control system do? They can control user permissions, control user walking areas and record each user’s footsteps.

Are you still handing out physical keys to employees? What areas can employees walk in and what areas are forbidden to enter? Stop it! This era is over. Security is very important for modern enterprises, and access control system has become an indispensable part of any facility security plan.

With the access control system, enterprises can provide each employee with a unique key card and ensure that employees can only access the areas related to their position. At the same time, enterprises can also control the walking track of employees at any time.

Even better, this type of access control is also useful for school students and hotel customers. In addition, when employees no longer work for the employer, business administrators no longer need to collect keys. You only need to delete the user in the system.

How does an access control system work?

Access control system sounds very complex, but its operation is very simple. We only need to set a certain level of permission for each employee, so that they can not only access the areas within their permission, but also restrict their access to places outside their permission.

After we set the corresponding permissions, we can provide employees with an access card, and employees can scan the card to enter the door. Compared with the traditional access control system, it has obvious advantages over the traditional access control system.

Type of Access Control System

Access control systems are very different in appearance and function design. Generally speaking, they can be divided into four categories:

  • Local — as the name suggests, the server is local. This access control system is generally used by large companies, which have their own technical team. You can control access rights and maintain them yourself.
  • Cloud — this is the most popular access control system at present. All data is stored in the cloud server. You can use it anywhere without worrying about data security and later maintenance. But the premise is that you must choose a reliable service provider.
  • IoT — the Internet of things control system is connected to “smart” machines. These systems are connected to wireless networks to safely open and restrict access to doors.
  • Mobile — give employees permission through applications so that they can use mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Instead of using physical access cards.

In general, each solution has advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on your actual situation. However, in most cases, cloud system is the most commonly used and easy-to-use access control system.

Best access control systems for 2022:

1. SimpliSafe


Simplisafe security is at the top of our list. The system can be set up in an hour. After that, it will protect your property 24 / 7 and issue emergency alarms for burglary, power failure, leakage and other dangerous situations. In addition, it also has a built-in temperature sensing device. If the temperature reaches a dangerous level, it will give an alarm in time.

We put simplisafe first not only because of its powerful functions, but also because of its rich options. You can choose according to your own needs, such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, freezing and water sensors and HD security cameras.

2. Kisi


KISI’s access control system consists of four parts: mobile phone and card access control, wall reader, cloud management and KISI controller. It is the best cloud management system on our list.

Cloud access control system is very popular at present. With its flexibility and reliable security performance, cloud access control system has become the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. KISI provides a flexible and modern system for all types of business.

In addition, with integrated mobile applications, users can set up a wide range of employee access options and use them for remote management and communication with other services. You can create the exact access control settings that your business needs.

3. Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt Industries

Vanderbilt industries, founded in 2012, is an established information security company. Their security system is suitable for all kinds of large enterprises, including retail, health care, manufacturing, government, banks and so on.

If you buy their products, the company will provide you with access control products and software, intrusion detection, etc. Their video management and customized security solutions can be seamlessly integrated with leading platforms, including ekey.

In addition, Vanderbilt industries also provides smart access card readers and encrypted smart cards, as well as a centralized management system that supports an unlimited number of cardholders in multiple locations. Allows customers to design their own security systems, including device types, credential technology, and power options.

4. HID Global

HID Global

Founded in 1991, hid global is well-known in North America. They specialize in providing secure physical and digital access control for various industries, including criminal justice, national defense, enterprise, education, government, health care, transportation, etc. In fact, many local judicial institutions use their products. So you don’t have to worry about security at all.

The company’s access control functions include cost control functions, real-time monitoring, visitor access, personalized concept to implementation support, integrated mobile solutions, location-based services and mobile access to smartphones and tablets.

Hid global also provides biometric authentication, including fingerprint scanning, which can even determine whether the fingerprint comes from living tissue. This takes security a step further than most companies and is ideal for industries that require additional levels of protection. The only problem is that you may need to make an appointment in advance to buy their products, and the installation is more complex than other competitive products, which is why their products are not suitable for home users.

5. Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has customers in 150 countries and may be the largest access control manufacturer you can choose. Its P2000 access control system is one of the most used systems in the industry. Johnson also provides comprehensive installation, maintenance and management services for its security products. In addition, with a series of sensors and controllers for business and building automation, Johnson provides you with everything you need to build a smart enterprise.

In addition, many of these systems are used for access control, video tracking and intrusion detection. Johnson also provides location tracking services. However, many of its security solutions are sold under the brands of CEM systems, kantech and software house.

Johnson is one of the few direct consumer oriented access control systems with managed services. This means Johnson handles everything about installation and management. This is important because Johnson also provides hosting solutions to meet medical and financial security requirements.

How To Find the Best Access Control Systems

When choosing an access control system, we have many factors to consider, such as security, reliability, brand, installation and maintenance. Therefore, making a choice is a difficult problem. First of all, we have to understand the core provided by the access control system: the protection and control of employee access. On this basis, we will consider other factors. To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the most critical areas to consider before you start choosing the right system for you.


This is the first factor we need to consider. They seem to be very simple, but without the assistance of professionals, it is difficult for users to quickly set up the access control system.

Therefore, before purchasing, you must carefully read the supplier’s product description to understand the installation responsibilities, installation methods and installation costs in detail.


This is the core competitiveness of the access control system. In essence, access control system is about security and how to maintain it, so it is very important to understand the technology supporting it.

Ideally, you’ll want to look for systems with the latest technology, and they should have more functional options. For example, the current popular fingerprint recognition, face recognition technology and so on.

Access Cards

Similar to the above, access cards are an important consideration. Be sure to look for suppliers who provide card printers and consumables needed to create cards. Or mobile applications, which can be accessed by smart devices such as mobile phones.

Some advanced access systems even use security features such as holograms and encrypted signals. If you need a higher level of security, give priority to these, but be aware of the cost of such technologies.


With the passage of time, the existing technology may become obsolete, so the expansion ability is also one of the necessary considerations. Some access control systems can be expanded with you, while others will be more restricted. Carefully consider the scalability of the system and its relationship with your company.

Reporting Access

A simple and easy to operate report interface is also one of the important factors. For example, is access granted locally or through the cloud? Cloud access allows you to start the system from anywhere on any browser, so it’s a better choice if it’s available from the beginning. The report interface allows you to view the location of employees in the building and help with attendance tracking, so be sure to understand the difficulty of accessing them before submitting.


Although we provide you with a variety of options, you have to choose according to your own needs. Some local control systems may cost thousands of dollars, and some access control systems may require additional installation fees. Whether you choose from local businesses or the Internet, you have many choices. However, decisions should also take into account the type and size of the organization.

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