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  • Upgraded vacuum and mop combo for a deeper cleaning
  • OZMO
  • Smart cleaning path
  • App control
  • Vacuum and mop combo for deep cleaning
  • OZMO mopping system for superior cleaning
  • V-shaped main brush for more lifting
  • Smart Cleaning Path with less missing
  • Selective cleaning modes for various messes
  • Total control in your hands
  • Control DEEBOT, anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule your cleans in advance
  • Obstacle Detection Technology
  • Stair Safety Technology
  • High Efficiency Filter
  • Smart Cleaning Path with less missing
  • Vacuum and mop combo for deep cleaning
  • Capable of cleaning life's messes
  • Total control in your hands
  • Infrared Anti-Collision SensorBumper Rail
  • Auto Charging
  • High efficiency filter
  • Working Time(min)Approx.110
  • Dust Bin Capacity(ml) 450
  • Smart Navi
  • OZMO mopping system
  • Carpet identification
  • Control your DEEBOT with the Ecovacs app.
  • Draw virtual boundaries, select specific areas to clean, set a specific schedule and more.
  • Includes our latest Adaptive Floor Sensing Technology.
  • When the mopping pad is off, the robot will double the suction power on carpet.
  • When the mopping pad is on, the robot will turn away when it detects carpet.
  • OZMO mopping is a complete system with an electronically-controlled water pump, sensors that monitor water flow, and controls to stop the flow to ensure a consistent cleaning result.
  • 110 minutes of run time with auto charge and resume technology
  • The DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 combines a Low-Profile Design with OZMO™ Mopping Technology, a Tangle-Free Intake and the systematic cleaning path of the Hard Floor Mode; delivering thorough, powerful cleaning to the hard-to-clean areas of your home.
  • Low-Profile Design
  • OZMO™ Mopping Technology
  • Hard Floor Mode
  • Tangle-Free Intake
  • Max Mode
  • Specialized Cleaning Modes
  • Control anytime and anywhere
  • Smart Home compability
  • Worry-free Essentials
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Working Time: 100 mins
  • A new world of window cleaning is coming your way from the home robotics experts at ECOVACS ROBOTICS: WINBOT X is a free-moving, adaptable, intelligent appliance that attaches to your glass and travels the surface until every inch is spotless. The WINBOT is a peerless product in automated cleaning and window care, with striking features that leave other machines far behind for both practical appeal and technological flair. WINBOT moves safely and freely, so that you can spend more time on whatever you love.
  • - Cordless Power Source
  • - Deep Clean Mode
  • - Safety Tether System